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icking up ready-made products from websites and attaching a few services to them is a mistake that many clients make. It keeps them from getting a product that can match up to their expectations, and it does not perform the job it was purchased to do. It is far better to invest in creating a new product from scratch, which incorporates every single requirement and function. Customized solutions are the best way forward for any business that wishes to grow and attract more users each day.

We know that every single one of our clients deserve a bespoke product that can take care of their specific requirements. At Shrisrijee, we believe in providing our clients with the very best, no matter what their requirement. We deliver tailor made products and solutions, customizing each solution as per the need of the client.

Our customized solutions process takes care of almost every possible aspect of the product. The aim is to create an end product that works exactly as per the specification of the client.

Clients often hesistate when searching for customized solutions since they fear that what they get is not what they imagined. The team at Shrishrijee has many years of expertise and strongly believes in working side by side with the client. Each step of the way is explained in detail and clients are always welcome to pitch in with ideas and suggestions.

More than that, we truly believe in involving the client during the time of development. As a client, you can be assured of quality at each step and see exactly how your product is progressing. We follow a seven-step cycle when we build products.

Ideas: Shrishrijee believes in working closely with the client to develop an idea. Our team strives to understand the exact nature of requirements that the client requires. We add our expertise in the field to the clients needs. This allows us to create a solution that includes support for all possible scenarios. Once the idea is set and given a go ahead by the client, it is given a shape and structure, which allows us to develop into a working structure. Any possible pitfalls are improved upon in the ideating stage.

Prototype: If the final idea is loved by the client (which it usually is), our team moves forward towards the process of creating a prototype. A team of designers and developers work together in brainstorming, creating an ideal structure and plugging in functions that work with each other. This is usually one of the longest stages in bringing clients customized solutions. We love our work and ensure that the client will love it too. Each prototype is tested thoroughly and new iterations are developed on the basis of the results.

Build: With the process of trial and error, we eliminate all but one prototype that will be built into the working model. We use the best and latest technology to create the first build. This ensures a faster turnaround and becomes cost efficient for the client. At each stage of the completed build, we take client feedback and incorporate their concerns into our improvement cycle. Shrishrijee understands the need to be involved, and makes it a part of our work environment.

Design:As with all customized solutions and builds, they tend to look a little bare bone till they are given an outer cover. Our teams of expert designers come in at this stage and begin their work. Each build is fitted with the UX and UI, to create a wholesome understanding of how the final product will look like. While the UX is designed to match the needs of the client, the UI is designed after research into the average user of the customized solution we are building. Combining the two, we provide satisfaction for both the client and the user – a two-tiered support structure.

Core Testing :No matter how good a product is, we wouldn’t dare let it out of our sight without testing it thoroughly. The process of core testing is one the longest ones in our work cycle, and for good reason. Each aspect of the build and design is tested under rigorous conditions. The processes involved in the product are tested separately and as a whole to ensure that they work under all situations. Any problems or kinks are duly noted and fixed within the build and design. We commit to the perfect product, no matter how many versions and nights on the drawing board come our way.

Validation: After the process of core testing is completed, we work towards bringing the final product to our client. It is then launched in order to test it as part of the clients work. We wait for validation to come in from two areas – the client and the users. Shrishrijee does consider a product to be a success till it fully validated from all ends for a period of three months.

Support:Finally, we come to the last stage of the process. The deliver of a successful customized solution does not end our relationship with the client. We offer complete backend support for the product whenever required. This allows clients to focus on their business instead of the small issues that may pop up from time to time.

If you are looking for customized solutions or a brand new product altogether, do not hesistate to contact us. We are passionate about our work and utilize the latest technology to provide the very best to our clients. If you have any question in your mind about how we can help you out, do not hesistate to contact us today.

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