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Our Vision of Limitless [In-cab] Knowledge.

At idrive we believe there is more to driving than what meets the eye and question what it takes to push the limits of fleet efficiency and improve driver safety. We develop an intelligent machine with billions of miles of driving experience to assist drivers with environment awareness and response time. The focus of our computer vision algorithms is to precisely monitor and accurately identify the characteristics and conditions of alertness and attention.

The status of these critical cognitive functions are processed simultaneously and in real-time, making risk mitigation possible through both in-cab driver alerts and fleet manager control systems.

Our intelligent platform technology offers predictive analytics and insights that allow real-time detection and driver assessment to prevent accidents and fatalities. idrive fleet management technology can be implemented in a large variety of industries including mining, and environments with extreme weather conditions.

Captured by our AI Camera.  Event-Based Trigger Controls Delivered Through iris.

With maximum oversight of your fleet you get unparalleled insight that is more precise than any other driver monitoring system.

Get The Full Picture

All video events are annotated with trigger type, driver name, video ID, location, time and date to provide you a complete picture at a glance.


iris creates a real-time connection between driver and manager to detect and prevent accidents.

Any Time

View critical footage in real-time with live look-in or before and after an event to exonerate innocent drivers and decrease insurance premiums.

iris is Smart, Flexible & Scalable

Our cloud based infrastructure enables you to pick and choose which AI features to implement and then we activate them over the air (OTA) in a click. It’s as easy as toggling them back and forth just like this.

Keep Tabs on Anything. Know Everything.

iris keeps score. The higher the score, the better. Our Behavior Evaluation methodology is the result of listening to our customers and relentless pursuit to help them achieve high scores across the board.

We offer a comprehensive index for keeping tabs to lower fuel and operational costs, reduce collision frequency and exonerate drivers. The index is calculated against unique performance goals set by you, and represented by an overall company score based on three core pillars: Safety, Efficiency and Compliance.

Texting 100%
Driver Fatigue 98%
Following Too Close 90%
Talking On Cell Phone 98%
Speeding 100%
Hard Cornering 95%
Hard Braking 100%
Listening To Loud Music 89%
Driver Smoking 100%

Understand Your Fleet at a Glance

iris analyzes the data collected from your fleet’s event videos and provides you with detailed information about their performance.

Built for Control, Designed to Increase Fleet Efficiency

Rapidly monitor performance trends by viewing your company score for any time period. Your overall score is the combined score of each category: Safety, Efficiency and Compliance.

Greater Visibility for Maximum Fleet Performance

Based on over a decade of driver behavior research across a variety of commercial transportation industries, iris knows what to keep an eye on and makes it simple for you to understand. iris identifies risk and uncovers every opportunity to improve fleet efficiency with tested and proven AI Detection and Classification, Behavior Evaluation, Event Based Trigger Controls and real-time Video Monitoring.

Coaching Reports: A Single Driver View for Proactive and Personalized Driver Training

The best way to understand your fleet is to measure the performance of individual drivers. iris coaching analytics and reports automatically segment each driver into six distinct categories. Get a full picture of your fleet and track the evolution of driver performance at a glance.